Let me preface this section with this: I like photography, I’ve done it at all my previous jobs -  shooting events on campus, helping out with video/photo production, etc. I just don’t do it often enough in my spare time. I love editing, and I would love to learn more about photography! But yeah, trigger warning: mediocre photos.

COLOR DICTIONARY ZINE This is a zine I created for my photography class in undergrad that’s centered around my interpretation of colors and how they’re impactful in day-to-day life. Honestly, one of my favorite things I’ve made (even though the layout is shit). All photos taken by me.

POWER OF INTEGRITY Yes, that is a research paper on fire in the background. Yes, I took the photo and I was the one holding it. Yes, I’d do it again. This is only here to show that I’m willing to try anything, okay?

HAWAII 2022 Here’s a photo from when I was on vacation in Hawaii, pretty cool stuff.

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